By Jennifer Rasch, March 8, 2022

Women: Be courageous and take risks!

Why women invest less than men and what we can do about it

When I ask around in my circle of friends, it's quite obviously: about 95% of my girlfriends have never invested made or even more seriously concerned with the topic. Her Partners, on the other hand, do, many husbands already have a cryptocurrency or bought an ETF: not necessarily with breakthrough success, but at least they have gained initial experience with it.

Why is that?

The answers are often similar - investments such as shares are considered risky and many women are afraid of losing the "game". More than das: Investing money in Germany is largely pure speculation frowned upon and considered dubious. And while men apparently not so big Having trouble trying anyway makes women shy away. It seems to them too complicated, too uncertain. Especially in times of The banks' zero interest rate policy and one that is becoming ever more uncertain Retirement provision is private provision (e.g. through investment) but extreme important. Another argument against investing that is often cited is is that there is not enough money to invest it somewhere. The study by BNY Mellon:

Women invest their money less because of the income hurdle, the myth from risky investments and a lack of self-confidence.

We could achieve so much together: BNY Mellon appreciates when women invested to the same extent as men, there would be 3.2 worldwide Trillions (3 200 000 000 000) USD available for investment and $1.9 trillion (1 900 000 000 000) thereof responsible investments. The BNY Mellon study comes to that conclude that this greater participation not only has an enormous impact on the lives of women but also to the world at large since Women are more likely to invest in things that are important to them, such as protecting the environment.

So how do we address the above reasons?

The income hurdle is a sad reality, proven by numerous studies. However, the entry hurdle to investment by laypeople is often underestimated. A simple ETF or fund savings plan already starts in part 100 EUR per month and can be a good starting point.

The myth of stocks as a high-risk investment: no question, there are stock market risks. You should never invest money that you don't want can do without for a long time. That's the only way to make sure you don't forced to sell at an inconvenient time. Nevertheless, often underestimates the fact that a stock is a real one material value is. You buy part of a company that creates value. And: Good diversification can limit your risk.

A lack of self-confidence can be combated with information.

Women, get informed, get together, exchange ideas, educate yourself and make your own decisions!

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