By Henrike Hein, Feb. 25, 2023

Who is behind Goldmarie Finanzen?

The company was founded by Dr. Jennifer Rasch and Dr. Caroline Löbhard. Two mathematicians who did not find a financial investment that met their requirements.

Jennifer studied mathematics and holds a PhD in computer science. Caroline did research and PhD in the field of mathematical optimization. Later, she worked as a researcher at a mathematical research institute, where she developed and implemented decision algorithms for everyday problems.

Both started looking into investments for personal reasons and found that there was no investment product on the market that met their sustainability needs and was good value for money. There are big price differences between products. If you want more sustainability, you have to spend more money at the moment, for example on actively managed eco funds.

Current crises require sustainable solutions

However, as we are in times when the threats posed by climate change are becoming more are becoming increasingly clear, sustainable solutions should be made available to all. to everyone. That's why the two have founded their own company, to offer sustainable investment opportunities at fair prices.

As mathematicians with experience in solving optimization problems and expertise in software development, they are naturally predestined to take on this task. They started by developing their own investment strategy and an algorithm. This strategy was then tested on the social trading platform wikifolio. There, private individuals can show and test their investment strategy. If certain requirements are met, the individual's own portfolio can be given the status of being investable for others. Then others can buy a certificate that is always worth as much as the portfolio. More information is available here.

The good performance of the wikifolio makes it clear that such a product can be successful. The high demand for the certificate has shown that there is a high interest in sustainable and optimized investments. At Goldmarie Finanzen, we want to offer everyone the opportunity to invest sustainably, transparently and with the help of the latest technology with our sustainable stock portfolios.

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