By Henrike Hein, Feb. 18, 2023

What is behind Goldmarie Finanzen?

This is what happens when two female mathematicians do not find a sustainable investment.

The founders of Goldmarie Finanzen also initially struggled through the jungle of financial investments until they found that there was no product that met their requirements and

  • consistently sustainable,
  • customized to the personal circumstances and requirements,
  • equipped with a good price-performance ratio,
  • transparent,
  • optimized risk-return
  • and automated, without its own management.

To fulfill all these points, Goldmarie Finance was founded.

Optimized portfolios through unique optimization technology and AI

Goldmarie Finanzen creates portfolios based on company data and mathematical calculations. The advantage over actively managed funds is that costs can be saved through automation and human misjudgements are minimized. The special feature compared to other robo-advisors is that we invest in an individual combination of single stocks and our risk management is based on the latest technology. Often, robo-advisors also tend to offer investments in additional funds or ETFs, forming blends of mixes. However, investments in individual stocks offer many advantages, such as the targeted steering effect through the selection of companies. Since individual stocks can also mean high losses, the Goldmarie algorithm is designed to minimize the risk of loss by combining and weighting the stocks in the portfolio, thus optimizing the investment.

Consistent sustainability without greenwashing

In addition, investments are made exclusively in sustainable shares. We cooperate with imug rating GmbH, an independent agency that prepares ESG evaluations and sustainability ratings based on independent analyses, global databases and decades of experience. This agency applies high standards when evaluating the social or environmental impact of companies. We also obtain additional data from NGOs to exclude companies. Our developed mathematical procedure, which optimizes portfolios not only according to risk and return, but also according to ESG criteria or the Sustainable Development Goals, is unique.

The portfolios at Goldmarie Finanzen take into account personal sustainability requirements and individual risk tolerance for an optimized investment mix.This allows investors without stock market experience or knowledge to invest in individual shares and benefit from transparency and control.

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